2nd edition


The “Bałtyk-Sudety Tour” ultramarathon will take place basing on rules listed below. The start will take place on the same day as the 1001 km ultramarathon starts, i.e. 4th September 2020 at 8:00 a.m. It will finish on 8th September 2020.

Having completed 1039,5 km of the southern loop, participants have to continue cycling before the 70-hour time limit for 1001 km. The time limit for the northern loop is 65h (total time limit is 135 hours). This loop is 1054,2 km long. The total length of the route is 2093,5 km.

Rules of the “Bałtyk-Sudety Tour 2001 km non-stop” ultramarathon – 2nd edition (the “Huzar Cup” cycle)

Only cyclists who have finished a distance 1000-1200 km or longer within a corresponding time limit (location does not matter), and who are able to prove it, are allowed to participate in the ultramarathon.

Number of participants: unlimited


However, the start list should include at least 20 participants to make the ultramarathon possible to be organized.

1. Organizer

Henryk Huzar in cooperation with the “Odjechani – TEAM.PL” cycling association.

2. Organizing committee

Commander – Wacław Żurakowski

Chief referee – Robert Janik

Finish line referee –

Route referee –

3. Dates, location and schedule of the ultramarathon

4th September 2020 – 8th September 2020

Base camp – OW Hotel Łężeczki (Posnania)

Start – base camp of the ultramarathon

Finish line – base camp of the ultramarathon


3th September 2020 (Thursday)

10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. – registration of participants in the ultramarathon office.

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. – technical briefing in the ultramarathon office.

8:00 p.m. – 10 p.m. – supper for participants and organizers.

4th September 2020 (Friday) – start at 8:00 a.m., 6-person groups every 5 minutes.

8th September 2020 (Tuesday) – celebration of the end of the ultramarathon at 5 p.m.

The time of ultramarathon closing will be provided later – the time limit for 2001 km is 135 hours.


Precise number of kilometers will be announced until 31st July 2020.

4. Accommodation

OW Hotel Łężeczki (Posnania) – camping houses

At the same time, the ultramarathon office will be situated at this location and the technical briefing will take place there. There is also a campsite.

5. Purpose of the ultramarathon

Popularization of road cycling and cycling tourism in Poland.

Giving participants an opportunity to beat the distance of 2001 km.

Checking the limits of strength and mental toughness of participants.

Promotion and marketing actions for sponsors as well as cities and associations organizing checkpoints.

6. Route of the ultramarathon and main principles of the event

The ultramarathon of 2001 km requires much condition and experience in cycling tourism.

The route leads through hilly areas with a total ascent ca. 16000-17000 meters.

At the start line, participants will be divided into 6-person groups, starting every 5 minutes (OPEN, TEAM).

The time limit for 2001 km is 135 hours (OPEN, TEAM).

Great checkpoint for 2001 km – expected number: 5 – showers, places for a nap, drop bag checkpoint.

Checkpoints with food – expected number: 14-15.

The route and precise locations of checkpoints and great checkpoints will be confirmed until 31st July 2020.

Finish line at the ultramarathon base camp in Łężeczki – each participant gets a hot meal and a place for a shower.

The ultramarathon will be conducted in the OPEN and TEAM categories.

Participants who are forced in any way to stop the race due to important reasons are obliged to inform the organizers. If it is be possible, technical support will be organized ad hoc.

A description of the route and located checkpoints will be given to participants during the technical briefing.

Participants who lose the route are obliged to inform the Chief Referee about the location, time and cause for this. They are allowed to continue the race from the point where they have lost the way. If they have cycled away from the route significantly, they are allowed to return to the route of the race with the help of other people or use public transport.

Participants who plan to cycle away from the route of the race (a restaurant or accommodation, etc.) should inform the Chief Referee about this, providing location and time of departure.

Participants are allowed to make use of what checkpoints offer.

7. Participation and equipment

The ultramarathon is dedicated for enthusiasts of cycling tourism with very good physical and mental condition. Participants will be allowed to start if they are at least 18 years old and they file a written declaration about joining the race on their own responsibility. We recommend having both additional liability insurance as well as accidental death and dismemberment insurance for the time of the race.

Obligatory equipment:

Cycling helmet

Lights during the night and in limited visibility: front (white, illuminating), rear (red)

During the day reflective lights: front (white) and rear (red)

Identity card

Mobile phone (with the number declared on the application form)

Within the starting fee, the organizers ensure:

food support on 14-15 checkpoints (a full description will be provided during the technical briefing)

food support on 5 great checkpoints (a hot meal, coffee, tea, a place to rest)

a hot meal on the finish line

drop bags

route of the race in the electronic form for GPS devices (downloadable from the race web page)

start number stickers for a bike and participant’s back

liability insurance in the basic range

gifts from sponsors

participation in finishing-integration party

personalized medal with individual certificate for finishing the ultramarathon (for participants who have finished the race)

Not included in the starting fee – it is possible to purchase a cycling jersey or entire cycling outfit (jersey + bib shorts) for participants who pays for that. Jerseys will be personalized. Sizes should be specified during registration in the ultramarathon office.

Note! The fee for outfits should be paid until 31st July 2020. The bank account is provided below. Outfits and jerseys will be ready to collect together with starter packs. Outfits will be made by Prinzwear (http://prinzwear.com/). Jersey – 110 PLN, bib shorts – 190 PLN, outfit (jersey + bib shorts) – 300 PLN. After this date, order will not be realized.

8. Penalties

- lack of confirmation of presence at a checkpoint (in the participant’s race book or on the list at a checkpoint) – (time penalty 1-hour for each entry book/list); in the case of closing a checkpoint – confirmation in the race books at the nearest shop or petrol station; if a participant loses/forgets/damages their race book, a confirmation should be done on any sheet of paper

- lack of a start number sticker visible for vehicle drivers – rear (back/backpack/bag); lack of number sticker on a helmet, lack of lights during the night (each time 1-hour penalty)

- organized help and support by third-party individuals at a checkpoint and between checkpoint, except for other competitors (each time 2-hour penalty) (does not correspond to the TEAM category and if allowed by the Chief Referee)

- being given a ride (disqualification)

- towing by a vehicle or not keeping a safe distance (time penalty up to 12 hours)

- cycling in a group consisting of more than 15 cyclists (1-hour time penalty for each member of such a group)

- throwing waste along the race route (each time a 15-minute time penalty)

- ignoring traffic regulations notified by public services (12-hour time penalty)

- modification of the race route without informing the Chief Referee and acceptance by the organizer (e.g. beltways, shortcuts, etc.) (15-minute time penalty for each missed 1 kilometer of the route)

- turning off the route visibility or stopping beyond dedicated locations without notifying the organizers (1-hour time penalty)

Order penalties related to traffic regulations:

- cycling under the influence of alcohol or drugs (absolute disqualification)

- cycling through lowered boom barriers (6-hour time penalty)

- cycling in the night without required lights (1-hour time penalty and stopping until missed lights are supplemented)

- each violation of the Polish Traffic Law Act (up to the decision of the Chief Referee, time penalty from 15 minutes to 12 hours)

- receiving information, warning or ticket from uniformed services for causing a direct threat to health or life (depending on the importance of the violation, from 12-hour time penalty to disqualification)

- cycling on expressways and highways (2-hour time penalty for each 1 kilometer)

- cycling through a red light (6-hour time penalty)

- crossing a solid line, cycling against traffic (time penalty from 1 hour to 12 hours)

Filing a protest:

- a protest may be filed until the race is officially finished (time limit for the last competitor)

- a protest will be considered after paying a deposit of 100 PLN to the Chief Referee/organizer (if a protest is considered as justified, the deposit will be returned)

- one protest may refer to one event only

- protests will be considered as soon as possible

9. Entry fees and application

Application to the ultramarathon should be done over the Internet, optionally by mail, providing all data included in the application form available on the race webpage:


Registration fee: 120 PLN for each participant (if not paid within 7 days from sending an application, the person is crossed out from the starting list). The registration fee is not returnable and is not a part of the starting fee.

Starting fee: 600 PLN, 750 PLN according to the date:

until 30th June 2020: 600 PLN

after 30th June 2020: 750 PLN

Accompanying persons:

An accompanying person receives coupons for catering (including the pasta party on Tuesday and a hot meal on Sunday – the finishing-integration meeting) and allowing to use the infrastructure of the base camp of the ultramarathon.

until 30th June 2020: 60 PLN/person

after 30th June 2020: 70 PLN/person

10. Resignation

If a participant resigns to take part in the ultramarathon

until 31st July 2020 – 75% of the starting fee will be returned (together with fees for accompanying persons)

after 31st July 2020 – any fees will not be returned

Payments – bank account details:

Adam Huzar

Turowska 48

62-045 Pniewy


Bank account: PKOP PL PW 36 1240 1747 1111 0010 8680 6968

Payment title: BAŁTYK-SUDETY TOUR and name and surname of the participant(s) !

Note! The starting list and the application form will be closed on 31st July 2020.

11. Final provisions

The ultramarathon will take place regardless of the weather.

Competitors must cover the entire distance on their own. It is absolutely forbidden to make use of organized help and support provided by third-party persons on the route and at checkpoints.

Competitors are allowed to buy drinks and food at checkpoints and in shops along the route.

It is strictly forbidden to use any other mean of transport than a bike during the race. If this rule is violated, a participant will be disqualified.

The organizers reserve the right to withdraw a competitor from the race if medical services recognize them as unable to continue the ultramarathon or if they violate the rules of the race.

Participants are responsible for the appropriate technical condition of their bikes.

The organizers are not responsible for random accidents on the way to the base camp of the ultramarathon and on the way back, as well as for damage caused to participants and other persons.

The organizers are not responsible for collisions and accidents on the route of the race.

The organizers reserve the right to withdraw a competitor from the race if medical services recognize them as unable to continue the ultramarathon or if they significantly violate the rules of the race.

Each participant takes part in the competition on their own responsibility.

Filling in and signing the application form, a participant of the ultramarathon accepts these rules of the race and gives consent for their personal data to be used and processed in databases of organizers for marketing purposes and to announce their name, surname, birth year and city of residence (according to the Personal Data Protection Act dated 27th August 1997, Journal of Laws from 2002, No. 101, item 926) and to receive information in the electronic form (according to the Act on Rendering Electronic Services, Journal of Laws from 2002, No. 144, item 1204). Each participant has the right to preview their data and correct it.

The organizers of the ultramarathon have the right to interpret these rules.

Participants of the race are obliged to abide the general rules for using public roads in the meaning of the Traffic Law Act.

Each competitor is obliged to know the rules of the ultramarathon they are participating in.

12. Start groups:

- start groups are created on the basis of the current ranking of the Polish Ultra Cup 2019/2020,

- competitors who are not classified in Polish Ultra Cup are assigned to groups randomly, after groups from the ranking,

- each start group consists of 6 competitors; groups start every 5 minutes.

Individual creation of a group:

- individual creation of a group by competitors is allowed,

- it is also allowed to have a supporting vehicle on the entire route, on a part of it, or only at checkpoints,

- support from other persons who are not competitors is allowed on the route or at checkpoints.

Please remember that groups created in this way are considered as a TEAM (from T1 to T6) and are classified separately. Due to the benefit of provided support and individual selection of group members, teams will have a lower time limit for completing the race. If a competitor benefits from organized support without applying to the race in the T-category, they get a rule-specified time penalty.

13. Additional information

For any additional information, please call Henryk Huzar (+48 603 942 870), e-mail him at Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.. For additional information or explanations in English, please send an e-mail to: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript..